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May 27 2022, Kimaris V3.7
A new build phase, and a new demon: Meet Kimaris, according to our friends at

He appears as a creepy soldier of death, who is riding the black horse. He rules spirits in Africa. He is the Professor of Grammar, Rhetoric and Logic. Kimaris is able to find any hidden treasures and lost objects. He will bring you luck if you are going to the Expedition . He will give you bravery and sharp mind, also he will gift you the Heroism in the fight. The Marquis Kimeris is mentioned in the Munich manual of Necromancer , its «Manual of demonic magic» , but he was called there Tuvries ( wrong interpretation of Cymries) . Tuvries has got all the same functions and abilities as Kimaris, but he rules 30 legions of spirits there . And also he is able to make you cross the seas and rivers very fast. Also you can find Kimaris in the «Satanic Bible» of Anton Szandor LaVey. Aleister Crowley in «Liber 777» wrote the name of this demon in Hebrew - KYMAVR and attributes him to the four of disks and the third decade of Capricorn at night. Kimaris came from the ancient Egyptian Pantheon , same as Orias, Raum, Ipos, Marax , Purson, Bathin and Sitri. He was known there as Khepri - the scarab - faced god , who represents the rising and morning sun. He symbolized the Rebirth, because scarabs put their eggs inside the dead bodies .

  • updated to Unity Engine 2021.3 LTS
  • new baddies: duck aka Quacker aka Goo-Goo
  • new shrines: the devourer, the harvest
  • new items: anuran seal charm, cucumber pizza, white circle tract, bird brain, bird skull, canned air, fools gold, heimz baked bean, mercury vial, moon cheese, motor oil, philosopher eye, poison gland, quality dirt, rock salt chunk, rotten egg, rotton gourdon flesh, soy sauce packet, starfish, sulfur chunk, sunflower
  • magic skill now reduces cast speed if it's lower that a hex's difficulty
  • shader quality now always high (makes little to no impact on performance)
  • improved combat feedback (shows events more clearly, fixed feedback overlay)
  • improved shader loading time and memory usage
  • fixed a memory leak when loading map tiles
April 28 2022, Janus SIGIL V3.6
The last Janus build, with a zombie gourdon horde and adolescent deformed kung-fu kappa gangs. Kappabunga dude!
  • new baddies: rottons, Kappa ninja gangs
  • camera improvements
  • pins will only have one title affix
  • pins now taunt when you select them
  • 'ward' no longer protects from stagger
  • improvements to item discovery fx
  • improved baddy aim
  • improved splash screen
  • fixed baddies not expressing pain
  • fixed player freezing after being resurrected
  • fixed aspect ratios in shader effects
March 25 2022, Janus SIGIL V3.5
More baddies, better combat, better map movement and a new and improved Facebook log-in, highlight this months new bits.
  • new baddies: plague doctor, mimic, beedons
  • camera improvements, removed isometric camera
  • revised various baddy combat dialogues
  • being staggered into an occupied tile now does damage
  • you can now queue inputs in combat
  • improved map elevation calibration
  • improved various ui list behaviour
  • improved augur messages (easier to implement, dial)
  • fixed various animation bugs that could occur due to animations not firing
  • fixed facebook and ios login on ios devices
Feb 28 2022, Janus SIGIL V3.4
This month we added lots of great new baddies and things for y’all to do.
  • New baddies and characters: Gourdettes, Ms. Mothman, White Circle Enforcer, inspector butternut, the birdoj master
  • FX for elementals
  • White Circle temple
  • improved character FX on map (! and $ signs dance)
  • implemented 'evasion' and 'accuracy' mechanic
  • implemented 'ward' mechanic
  • improvements to quest ui (progress bars)
  • fixed various softlocks that could occur under poor network conditions
  • fixed some cases where pins would not appear on the map
January 18, 2022: JANUS SIGIL V3.3
January’s build has some tasty tidbits:
  • sds feature: despair
  • new Planets (for the pillar dimensions)
  • FX update pass (flashy!)
  • SDFX lighting ((Flashier!)
December 21, 2021: JANUS SIGIL V3.2
Our Winter solstice build is here with some key updates:
  • store ui improvements: item quant owned, how many remaining for sale
  • craft ui improvements: output properties, item quant owned (dec 2021)
  • pin interaction events: sounds, fx, and emotes (dec 2021)
  • combat fx optimisation (dec 2021)
  • muddle update: now stunts mana spawning instead of reducing magic skill (dec 2021)
November 26, 2021: JANUS SIGIL V3.1
November’s build has some nifty features including:
  • virtual scroller
  • shrines for the 7 pillar dimensions have been implemented
  • level cinematic director
October 23, 2021: JANUS SIGIL V3.0
This is the big update we’ve been building towards, so we hope you enjoy.

All the Covid updates are in, we added a bunch of new monsters, new shrines, and we tweaked the combat system so it should feel a lot better.
We also didn’t choose a demon for this one, but Janus, the Roman god of portals and doorways, which we think is appropriate. It was also hard to find a demon with the first letter J.
We hope you enjoy!
Other mechanics and dev details include:

  • rotate item in UI
  • enlightenment mechanics
  • engine update
  • a new SIGIL button!
September 21, 2021: IPOS SIGIL V2.6.3
Autumn Solstice build, and you know the deal – time for a new demon.

This time it’s IPOS.
According to Wikipedia, IPOS is an Earl and powerful Prince of Hell who has thirty-six legions of demons under his command. He knows and can reveal all things, past, present and future. He can make men witty and valiant. He is commonly depicted with the body of an angel with the head of a lion, the tail of a hare, and the feet of a goose, less frequently in the same shape but with the body of a lion, and rarely as a vulture.
This build features:

  • store ui improvements: item quant owned, how many remaining for sale
  • craft ui improvements: output properties, item quant owned (dec 2021)
  • pin interaction events: sounds, fx, and emotes (dec 2021)
  • combat fx optimisation (dec 2021)
  • muddle update: now stunts mana spawning instead of reducing magic skill (dec 2021)
August 23, 2021: HALPHAS SIGIL V2.5.3
Hot summer update for SIGIL. Also, the last HALPHAS update before we move on to the next demon.

This one has a lot of goodies such as:

  • local state pins (wow!)
  • eye nav hub highlighting (impressive!)
  • sprite aliasing optimization (sprites?!)
  • resource loading optimisations (Oh word?!)
  • map size (You can make it bigger or smaller.)
  • shader quality config (Asher loves his shaders)
July 19,2021: HALPHAS SIGIL V2.5.2
A new update was released today, with a lot of combat improvements including:
  • blind mechanic
  • dysentery mechanic
  • fragile mechanic
  • freeze mechanic
  • haste mechanic
  • invisibility mechanic
  • rooted mechanic
  • heavy stagger for poise

We also added tutorials for people who were having a hard time figuring out what to do.

June 21,2021: HALPHAS SIGIL V2.5.1
A new build phase, and another demon. Say hello to Halphas

This update features:

  • water surface map props
  • back widget unification
  • asset pool
  • combat music
  • ASCII shader
May 13, 2021: GAAP V2.4.5
This is the final GAAP update featuring
  • finalized v4 UI
  • super dantalion shader: battle damage
  • music player
  • Super Dantalion Shader 'alpha'
April 07, 2021: GAAP V2.4.4
More updates to the UI, fixing some of the bugs the last update caused.

More updates to the UI, fixing some of the bugs the last update caused. We’ve also been updating the game to take into account a lot of the issues the Covid-19 pandemic has been presenting to a location-based game like SIGIL. Soon you’ll be able to play the game from the comfort of your own home, as we’ve expanded the range that a player can interact with MAP content. We’ve also added encounter camera layers.

March 16, 2021 GAAP V2.4.3
Another month, another update. Say hello to a brand new UI.
Feb 14, 2021: GAAP V2.4.2
Valentine’s Day is here and it’s time for a small but sexy update.

We’ve added:

  • Board markers
  • And improved rain and wetness
Jan 23, 2021: GAAP V2.4.1
New update, and a new build phase, which means a new demon!

Say hello to Gaap. Gaap is a prince in human form who incites love. The Munich Manual says Gaap provides medical care for women, transforms them to make it easier to get to a lover, renders them infertile, and rules twenty-five legions of spirits. Other sources describe Gaap as a president of hell, with the power to teach philosophy and liberal arts, make others invisible, steal familiars from other magicians, make men stupid, and carry men between kingdoms. Today’s updates include a swipe to move mechanic, and updated foliage shader.

Dec 13, 2020: FURFUR V2.3.2
We released a small but pleasant update today with the following features:

We’ve added:

  • Fixes to tunneling
  • Hexes have been balanced
  • Slash delivery has been added
  • A poise mechanic has been added
  • The avatar model has been updated (we think they look much better now)
November 11, 2020: FURFUR V2.3.1
Big new update today, the first Furfur build.

If we haven’t mentioned before, we generally name our development phases after demons, who we feel are underappreciated and misunderstood. According to Wikipedia, Furfur is a powerful Great Earl of hell who rules over 26 legions of demons.He is a liar unless compelled to enter a magic triangle where he gives true answers to every question, speaking with a rough voice. Furfur causes love between a man and a woman, creates storms, tempests, thunder, lightning and teaches on secret and divine things
In this update you will find:

  • Updated combat from gyro first-person to a grid-based boardspace
  • Teleport, block and dodge mechanics

The new combat is still in development so let us know how it feels.

October 4, 2020: SIGIL V2.2.2 ERLKOENIG
We released update V2.2.2 ERLKOENIG today, which includes:
  • new texture size optimizations
  • shader clipping optimizations

You’ll also find a whack of new items in the store.
You can find the new build here:

You can find it at this link
September 1, 2020: SIGIL V2.2.1 ERLKOENIG
We released update V2.2.2 ERLKOENIG today, which includes:

We’re happy to announce that SIGIL V2.2.1 ERLKOENIG has been released on Google Play. Updates to this version include such fantastic features as poison and wound mechanics.

You can find it at this link