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SIGIL Sound Design - Part 1

Posted on January 28th, 2019

Designing audio for a game like SIGIL has required a lot of thought, as it takes place in an alternate dimension. We went through a ton of research trying to imagine what the music of The Gloam and the other dimensions of the multiverse would sound like. Considering that The Gloam exists at the epicenter of the multiverse, I'd like to think that they can tune into any dimension and appreciate its music. I picture groups of teenage Gourdons who are obsessed with early gangsta rap, klezmer and progressive rock. 

Anyhow, we'll be posting some concepts soon, on our soundcloud, as well as some mixes that capture some of the mood, atmosphere and influences going into the games audio.

One consideration is the fact that SIGIL is a mobile game, designed to be played in real world locations, so we have to take a couple important things into account: 1) how important is audio to a location-based game? 2) if people are listening to the audio on their device, is it obnoxious or embarassing? and 3) if people are listening to the audio on headphone, does this make gameplay dangerous?

Besides these and many other considerations, we've put together an in-house studio to record the audio with a whole bunch of awesome gear. I'll be posting a breakdown of the studio soon.