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SIGIL at MIGS 2018

Posted on January 28th, 2019

MIGS2018 was a lot of fun and we got great feedback. People were really keen on the game, especially in terms of the art. We were also swarmed by people who wanted our swag. It was surprising, in a good way, and all the positive input was a big morale boost.  (Stay tuned for our merch page, which is coming soon. We'll have a lot of great stuff like posters, pins, patches, and shirts.)

MIGS was a really interesting conference. It was very business focused but also had a very friendly vibe. Lots of great indie games being showcased, very approachable organizers. Our booth was located next to the CMF/FMC booth and it was nice getting to meet some people I've only dealt with over the phone/e-mail in person. Big thanks to the CMF for supporting SIGIL.

All said and done, definitely going back next year.

P.S. I'm also going to post a breakdown of logisitics and costs associated for anyone who wants to attend a trade show to promote their game. Aside from the overall costs, you really have to take into account the turnover time involved in getting materials produced. We had started planning months in advance and ordered some really awesome pins from overseas. 4 weeks after placing the order they still hadn't arrived. They did show up the day after we got back.