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Monster Research at Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library

Posted on January 28th, 2019

In December, Nick D, Asher, Shelby and I went to the Thomas Fisher Rare Book library at U of T to check out an exhibition they were having called: De Monstris: An Exhibition of Monsters and the Wonders of Human Imagination.

As part of our process, we like taking field trips to museums, galleries and book stores to get different perspectives.

If I recall, we were also looking for a copy of The Lesser Key of Solomon or any books on demons we could get our hands on. So we made Shelby go into a series of bookstores to ask the person behind the counter: "Hi, do you have any books on demons?" In hindsight, out of context, this made him seem a little deranged. 

Sadly, after going to 5 stores and asking the same question, we ended up empty handed. (Talking to the guy at Seekers, he told us the occult was really hot right now and he couldn't keep anything stocked.) However, we did pick up a copy of the book for the De Monstris exhibition for like 20$. 

There's also a soundcloud audio tour for the De Monstris exhibition here.