What if all the creatures from your myths and legends were real? What if they needed your help? The time of the grand alignment is drawing near, the barriers between the realms are crumbling and the Ancient Ones awaken.

Dark times have come to The Gloam, and you are our only hope....

  1. Explore the Multiverse

    As you unravel the mysteries of SIGIL, you will unlock new gates, dimensions and experiences. SIGIL is the ultimate open-world game, for there are countless maps to explore, each with a REAL WORLD scale.

  2. Enter The Gloam

    Step through a portal and explore the dimensions that overlap with our own. Through the magic of AR you can now see worlds that were once hidden. Travel to The Gloam, interact with the inhabitants and embark on a magical quest to save the multiverse from impending doom. In SIGIL, you never know what lurks around the corner. In SIGIL, Adventure is Everywhere.

  3. What is SIGIL?

    SIGIL is a location-based augmented reality (AR) mobile game that transforms the world into a massive sandbox RPG where fables come alive. In SIGIL a user’s location becomes meaningfully incorporated into the game narrative. The system takes into account location-specific data, such as: terrain, nearby venues, the time of day, the weather and moon phases, and uses this information to generate encounters in the player’s vicinity. Also, SIGIL has plenty of Gourdons.


Encounter creatures from myth and legend

While exploring The Gloam, you’ll encounter a myriad of creatures from myth and legend. Some will help you, others will try to hinder you. Trolls will lurk near bridges, waiting to exact a toll from unwitting travelers. Werewolves will emerge when the moon is full and roam the city streets. By completing missions, and defeating monsters in combat, you will harvest ingredients that you can use to craft new, more powerful spells and equipment.

poster with multiple creatures